The World's Toughest
Sheer Pantyhose - Black

We manufacture our sheers in batches. The only way to get your sheers is to pre-order. Pre-order today to be part of Batch Two, Shipping Spring 2019. Only 500 Units available in this batch.

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The toughest sheer pantyhose in the world. Meticulously designed and manufactured in Canada. These unbreakable sheers look and feel like traditional sheer pantyhose but are made using the strongest polymer in the world in our patent pending Sheertex™ knit. Unbreakable, even in the hands of your strongest friend, these sheers are up to 10x stronger than steel.

Please refer to size chart below.

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Find Your Perfect Fit

Our sheers come in sizes S to 2/3XL and in three heights to ensure the perfect fit for every body type.

  • Imperial Size Chart
  • Metric Size Chart
Small Medium Large X-Large 2/3X-Large


4'9" - 5' 3"

105 - 125 lbs

125 - 150 lbs

150 -180 lbs

180 - 225 lbs

225 - 300 lbs


5'3" - 5' 7"

110 - 130 lbs

130 - 155 lbs

155 - 185 lbs

185 - 230 lbs

230 - 305 lbs


5'7" - 6'

115 - 125 lbs

135 - 160 lbs

160 - 190 lbs

190 - 235 lbs

235 - 310 lbs

Small Medium Large X-Large 2/3X-Large


4'11" -5' 3"

47 - 57 kg

57 - 68 kg

68-81 kg

81 - 102 kg

102 - 136 kg


5'3" - 5'7"

50 - 59 kg

59 - 70 kg

70 - 84 kg

84 - 104 kg

104 - 138 kg


5'7" - 6'

52 - 61 kg

61 - 72 kgg

72 - 86 kg

86 - 106 kg

106 - 140 kg

Putting the World's Toughest Sheer Knit to the Test.

At Sheerly Genius we put our knit through intense testing to ensure you really are getting the toughest pantyhose in the world. Watch as we put Sheerly Genius and "the Other Guys" to the test.

How do we do it?
Our knit is stronger at a molecular level.

Sheerly Genius sheers are the first pair of pantyhose made using a proprietary version of the world's strongest polymer, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelyene. We call our knit Sheertex and it is petent pending. Not only is Sheertex sheer, stretchy, light weight and ridiculously strong it is also natually antibacterial and cool to the touch.

Every pair is designed, knit, and manufactured at our lab.

In order to develop the world's toughest sheer pantyhose we have had to rethink pantyhose manufacturing from the ground up. This led us not only to developing a proprietary fiber, and patent pending knit, it also required us to startup our own manufacturing facility where all of the equipment is designed to handle the world's strongest fibers.

We've obsessed over every detail.

Sheerly Genius sheers are more than just the toughest pantyhose in the world. We've spent the last 18 months obsessing over every detail. From the perfect fit, to the most comfortable waistband, to flat invisible seams these sheers are best in class.

Comfortable dig free waistband.

Sheer from waist to toe.

What people are saying about Sheerly Genius

"Where have you been all my life!?! These are a game changer in the hosiery market! I’d never buy a pair of disposable pantyhose again."

Alyssa F

2 OCT 2018, 12:21

"Sheerly Genius pantyhose are so soft and sheer, if I didn’t know better I’d never have guessed they were virtually unbreakable."

Heather P.

15 SEP 2018, 14:42

"When I first heard about Sheerly Genius, I couldn’t believe it. But after seeing and feeling it myself I was sold. This one’s a winner."

Michele R

15 SEP 2018, 14:42


Are they *really* as strong as you say?

Yes! Our sheers are different at a molecular level. These are the world's first pantyhose made with Sheertex, a knit that we at Sheerly Genius developed from scratch and produce in our Canadian lab. Sheertex is made using functionalized Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). UHMWPE is the strongest polymer in the world and before Sheertex was only found in specialty garments products like bulletproof vests and climbing equipment. You won’t find sheers like these anywhere else on the market – the Sheertex knit and our design and manufacturing techniques are patent pending.

Will it look at feel like regular pantyhose?

Sheerly Genius pantyhose look and feel exactly like your typical pair of pantyhose, silky and sheer. But Sheerly Genius also has some amazing bonuses compared to regular pantyhose, our high performance fibers are naturally antibacterial and stay cool to the touch

When will my product ship?

We ship our sheers in batches. The only way to get your hands on a pair of Sheerly Genius sheers is to pre-order. Our first batch of orders has started shipping. All orders being accepted now are part of batch two which will ship March 2019.

How do I care for them?

We recommend hand washing and hanging to dry for best results. If you need to machine wash (we get it, it's real life!), wash on a gentle cycle in the wash bag provided with every pair.

Why do they cost $99?

Sheerly Genius sheers are made to last. Our sheers are made using the Sheertex knit, a proprietary knit made using a funcionalized version of the world's strongest polymer, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelyne (UHMWPE). This polymer is traditionally found in high performance garments like bulletproof vests and is much more expensive to produce than fibers like nylon or spandex. Not only are our sheers the strongest you'll ever own, they are on par with even the highest end pairs of sheers in terms of quality, hand feel, and finishes.

Do they only come in black?

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelyne in not dyeable and typically only comes only in white. We produce all of our own UHMWPE fibers to make them them the sheerest in the world, so that you can get your sheers in black. Other colors are possible but due to our batch production model and the undyeable nature of the fiber we have started with black. Stay tuned for more colors down the line!

Powered by Sheertex™

Sheerly Genius is powered by Sheertex™, the strongest sheer knit in the world. The Sheertex knit was developed by Sheerly Genius and is now available being used in more than just pantyhose. Sheertex products are designed and manufactured in Canada. Visit to learn more.