Indestructible pantyhose:


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The strongest pantyhose in the world. Sheer. Tested up to 50 wears. 30 day money-back guarantee. Made with proprietary ballistic fibers, up to 10x stronger than steel. Looks and feels like regular pantyhose.

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4'10" - 5'5"


5'2" - 5'9"


5'5" - 6'


5'5" - 6'


5'5" - 6'


Designed with a wide, comfortable, no-slip waistband.



close up fibers

Ultra-light weight.


Sheer from toe to waistband.


Abrasion & cut resistant.

Care(free) Instructions.

Every pair of Sheerly Genius come with their own mesh back laundry bag. It’s even cute enough to use as a clutch! Use the bag to store your tights and then throw them in the washing machine. No bleach, fabric softeners, no ironing. Just wash in cold water and hang to dry.

Care(free) mesh bag

Top 5 FAQs

Is this for real?

Right!?! Yes it is! We’ve worked with the world’s leading experts in textile engineering to develop this product from scratch. Our fibers are proprietary, you won’t find them anywhere else on the market – and our design and manufacturing techniques are patent pending.

Will it look at feel like regular pantyhose?

Sheerly Genius pantyhose look and feel exactly like your typical pair of pantyhose, silky and sheer. But Sheerly Genius also has some amazing bonuses compared to regular pantyhose. Our fibers are naturally antibacterial and stay cool to the touch.

When will my product ship?

Top of the waitlist starts shipping Fall 2018. Free shipping on all orders of 2 pairs or more in Canada and the US.

What is your return policy?

We have a 30 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Love them or get your money back.

I live outside Canada/US can I still order?

Yes! We gladly ship globally.